July 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am


Auction: July 12th 9:00 AM
Preview: July 11th 10-4
Address: 3365 W 500 S SLC UT 84104

Thousands of rounds of ammo!!!!  Must have an FFL, current law enforcement or active military.  Credentials will be required to enter preview and auction.  No exceptions!

Calibers: 9mm, 10, 12 Ga., 410 ga., 22, 30, 38, 40, 45, 7.62, 2.23, 5.56, (largest caliber quantity amount is 9 mm)
Misc: ammunition and reload material
Supplies: scopes and misc. gun components

1 top Shelf of 12 Gauge
2 Shelf of 20 Gauge
3 Shelf of .410 and 12 Ga
4 Shelf of 12 Gauge
5 Top Shelf bags of 12 Gauge
6 Shelf of 12 Gauge
7 Shelf of 12 Gauge
8 Misc Bags and Boxes of 12 Gauge
9 Winchester AA 12 Gauge
10 Herters Select Field Shelf
11 Winchester 12 Gauge
12 Game Load Rio and Remington Shells
13 Shelf of Blazer Brass and Others
14 Shelf of 9mm
15 Shelf of 9mm
16 Shelf of 9mm
17 Top Shelf boxes of 9mm
18 Remington UMC and other 9mm
19 Sellier and Bellot 9mm
20 Misc Shelf 9mm
21 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
22 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
23 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
24 Shelf of TulAmmo
25 Top Shelf of 9mm
26 Magtech 9mm
27 Fiocchi and Sellier and Bellot 9mm
28 Bototm shelf of 9mm
29 Remington UMC and other 9mm
30 Sellier and Bellot 9mm
31 Sellier and Fiocchi 9mm
32 Magtech 9mm
33 Top shelf of 9mm ammo
34 Blazer Brass and Federal Premium 9mm
35 Shelf of 9mm
36 Remington 250 UMC 9mm
37 Remington UMC 9mm
38 Fiocchi 9mm (choice next 3)
39 Fiocchi 9mm (choice next 3)
40 Fiocchi 9mm (choice next 3)
41 Top Shelf of misc 9mm
42 Shel fof misc 9mm
43 Winchester 100 Round 9mm shelf
44 Misc shelf of 9mm
45 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
46 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
47 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
48 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 9mm (choice)
49 Rolling rack of 9mm
50 Top Shelf of 45
51 Shelf of 45
52 Remington UMC 45
53 Shelf of 45
54 Shelf of 45
55 Shelf of 45
56 Shelf of 45
57 Shelf of 45
58 Shelf of 45
59 Shelf of Sellier and Bellot 45
60 Shelf of Blazer Brass 45
61 Shelf of Fiocchi and Elite Performance Ammo
62 Shelf of misc .45
63 Top Shelf of 40
64 Shelf of 40
65 Shelf of 40
66 Bottom shelf of 40
67 2 Shelves of 40
68 Rolling Rack of misc Ammo
71 Shelf of .357
72 Shelf of 38 Special
73 Shelf of 38 special
74 Shelf of 30 caliber
75 shelf of 380
76 Top shelf of Misc Ammo
77 Shel of misc ammo
78 Shelf of misc ammo
79 Shelf of 50 cal and others
80 2 cases of 5.56
81 Shelf of 5.56
82 Shelf of 5.56
83 Shelf of 7.62
84 Shelf of 7.62
85 Shelf of 7.62
86 Shelf of 7.62
87 Shelf of Wolf 7.62
88 Shelf of Wolf 7.62
89 Military Cartons of 7.62
90 2 shelfs of 223
91 Shelf of .223
92 Shelf of .223
93 Boxes of .22
94 Shelf of CCI .22
95 Shelf of 22
96 Shelf of 22 LR (choice)
97 Shelf of 22 LR (choice)
98 Box of Federal Black .22
99 Shelf of 22 LR (choice)
100 Bottom shelf of 22 LR
101 2 Shelves of .22
102 Shelf of 22
103 Shelf of 22
104 Rolling rack misc bags of ammo
105 Rolling rack misc bags of ammo
106 2 shelves bags of ammo
107 2 shelves bags of ammo
108 2 shelves bags of ammo
109 2 shelves bags of ammo
110 2 shelves bags of ammo
111 2 shelves bags of ammo
112 rolling rack of reloading etc
113 rolling rack of reloading etc
114 Shelf of 300
115 Shelf of 300
116 Shelf of 308
117 Shelf of 308
118 Shelf of 10mm
119 Shelf of 10mm
120 Rolling rack of shooting and gun accessories
121 Rolling rack of shooting and gun accessories
122 Rolling rack of shooting and gun accessories
123 Rolling rack of scope and sights
124 Rolling rack of shooting and gun accessories

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 Terms of auction/common questions
Everything is selling “as is, where is,” what you see is what you get.  All sales are final.  All items will sell absolute with no reserve prices.  No guarantees or warranties.  We do not represent any of the manufactures therefore you are purchasing the items as recovered freight.  No collusion is allowed at the auction.  To bid at the auction all bidders are required to register for a bid card and by signing up for a bid card you agree to the listed terms on the bid card.  There is no fee to register.  To register for a bid card: requires a photo i.d., name, address, and phone number.  ONLY THOSE WITH A FEDERAL FIRE ARMS LICENSE (FFL) ACTIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT, OR MILITARY ARE ALLOWED AT THE AUCTION.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Terms of payment: cash, credit/debit card or certified funds.  Certified funds being cashiers check made payable to Erkelens & Olson.  Sales tax will be charged on all purchases.  Unless purchaser is tax exempt and must provide proof of sales tax exemption number or resale number. Give us a call w/ any questions 801-355-6655

Auction process: auction is open to the public and is a live auction.  Each auction will follow a numerical order known as the “lot list,” that will be the order of the live auction.  *Items are subject to change.  Bidders will be seated and each lot up for auction will be shown on TV so you are able to see what you are bidding on.  Typically the auctioneer will suggest starting opening bids.  You do not have to stay until the end of the auction to checkout. Whenever you are ready to checkout proceed to the front desk and an employee will assist you with printing your invoice and collecting money. Bidders are responsible for removal of their items the day of the auction and must have their paid invoice in hand to show proof of purchase.  Erkelens & Olson will have staff in place to ensure the correct items are being removed from the auction house.

Bidder is agreeing to when registering: Cash-Checks will only be accepted if accompanied w/ a bank letter of guarantee.  EVERYTHING MUST BE PAID IN FULL ON THE DAY OF THE AUCTION AND MUST BE REMOVED DAY OF.  Everything will be sold “as is, where is”, w/ no guarantee of any kind, regardless of statement of condition made from the auction block.  Buyers shall rely entirely on their own inspection and information.  Every effort is made to “guard” merchandise throughout the auction, however, the bidder becomes solely responsible for all items purchased by him immediately following his winning bid.  Therefore, he/she is advised to further guard his items at his own discretion.  The bidder is responsible for knowing which item he is bidding on.  If he/she is insure, bidder should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he feels is in the best interest of his client, the seller.  The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments he feels are not in the best interest of the seller.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.