Can you preview? No you can not. We don’t allow any in person previews. You are able to view descriptions and photos of the items. That way everyone is on the same even playing field. 

How often do you have auctions? -We have auctions every Thursday but an auction is almost always going on online. The auction ends Thursday at 8:00 AM with each lot closing 15 seconds after that. 

Where does all of this stuff come from?- This comes from shipping vendors and everything we have are items that don’t originally reach the shipping destination. Most of the items are in good condition, some are not. Keep that in mind when you are bidding.

What payment terms do you accept?- We accept cards (you can store them on file) or cash.

Can anybody bid on these auctions? Yes if you have money, you can participate.

Do you do shipping? Yes we have options for local and national shipping! 

How does pick up work? You can come to our warehouse and pick up the items on auction day and the morning after the auction. We have pallet jacks, loading docks, and forklifts. Our guys can help you with the forklift and they love tips!

What does as is/where is mean? That means you are buying this as recovered freight and what you see is what you get. Some times you will receive items that are broken but many times you will receive items that you weren’t even expecting so it works both ways!

How do the online auctions work? The online auctions are similar to eBay. If you put in a bid it will be considered your max bid. You can also put in a max bid and it will automatically bid you up to the next increment. 

What are the bid increments? The increments we have chosen are 25.00

How do I know if I’ve won my lots? You can click on your bidder profile and it will show you. We also send out e-mails after the auction announcing the winners. 

Do you need the pallets and gaylord boxes back? Yes we do please. 

What is a gaylord? A gaylord is a large box. 

What time do you close? We close at 4:30 on auction day. You can pick up Friday until noon.

When can I pick up my lots? You can come down on Thursday as soon as you have purchased an item to pick up your lot. 

Can I call or e-mail  with questions about a certain lot? Absolutely you can. Just make sure it isn’t the night before the auction or the morning of.